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Transgender Dylan Mulvaney Cries Poor Me, Says He Can't Sleep At Night Over Bud Light Controversy

Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Transgender “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney wants the whole world to feel bad for him over the backlash he has received following his partnership with Bud Light. 


Mulvaney, who has made millions by claiming he is a female, admitted that the harsh criticism he has faced the past few weeks keeps him up at night. 

Yet, it should be Bud Light executives who can’t sleep after losing millions of dollars in sales after taking the woke route. 

“Now there are hundreds of thousands of people that do not like me, and I still sometimes can’t sleep, but it in a weird way has been a blessing to sort of break that people-pleasing mentality,” Mulvaney said while speaking on an episode of Bailar’s “Dear Schuyler” podcast. “Because I can’t; there’s no way I can win those people over.”

The transgender said that since announcing his brand deal with Bud Light, his social media pages have turned into an all-out “cultural war.” 

The podcast host, who was the first transgender athlete to compete on an NCAA Division I men’s team, said the episode was intended to “help shed some light on what it’s like to deal with these kinds of comments regularly, how we hold on to ourselves, our truths and our joy throughout all the transphobia and hate.”

Mulvaney also admitted taking every “opportunity” that came his way because the Left’s obsession with pushing transgenderism on Americans might not last long. 


But it is likely just the beginning of the Democrat’s progressive agenda. 

“The word that keeps popping into my head throughout this entire time has been grace,” Mulvaney continued. “Giving each other grace, giving ourselves grace, even I — dare I say, this might be, this is controversial — but the people that are targeting us right now, I’m trying to find grace for them because I know that something in them, this was, you know, planted from something else. And I can only hope that they will see the beauty and the humanity and the importance of identity and not try to strip that away.”

It is important to note that most people have lashed out against Bud Light, not Mulvaney. He is telling Americans that he is now she, and they must deal with and accept it. 

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