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CVS has officially gone woke. The pharmacy, which should follow science but is now following the Left's radical agenda, is buying into the progressive idea that people can change their gender based on how they feel that day. 


According to CVS's new "gender transition" guidelines, the store will require its workers to address people by their preferred pronouns and names. Employees can also use whichever restroom or locker room they desire, regardless of whether they have identified as transgender. Employees can also take time off of work if they notify their supervisor that they are engaging in gender-bending under the "Family and Medical Leave Act, state law, and/or CVS Health policy."

Transitioning employees are encouraged to inform their employers of their life-alternating decision so that the staff "can provide support and to make your transition as smooth as possible."

"During and after the transition has occurred, CVS Health encourages you to continue to partner with your Leader and your Advice & Counsel representative and to immediately report any issues that you might have with your employment, your work environment, and/or your Leader, co-workers, clients, and customers," the guidelines read. "You may also wish to have appropriate medical care to support your transition, including treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and/or gender confirmation surgery." 


The pharmaceutical company has also asked its employees to inform their colleagues if they are offended by something someone says or does. CVS workers will now have to show up to work hyper-vigilant, ensuring not to misgender a person, even if they clearly look like a man or woman. 

"People use different terms to refer to themselves, but some terms are universally considered disrespectful and violate CVS's policy against discrimination and harassment," the guidelines. "Terms like transgender, trans-male/trans-female, non-binary or 'male' or 'female' should be used." 

CVS is forcing its employees to accept someone's gender identity despite no science-backed study proving that that person is indeed the opposite sex they were born just because they say so. 

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