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Crowd Goes Wild When Trump Stands Up at UFC Fight, Burst Into 'USA' Chant

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Americans are standing by former President Donald Trump’s side through thick and thin despite the Left trying everything in their power to knock him down. 

On Saturday, Trump attended UFC 287 and was sitting front row when the announcer introduced him to the crowd. When he stood up to wave to the thousands in the stands, the arena gave him a standing ovation, chanting, “U-S-A!” 


Several political analysts have argued that Manhattan DA’s Alvin Bragg’s political persecution against Trump would backfire, making him the most favorable 2024 presidential candidate. 

In his latest campaign video, Trump used footage from last week’s arraignment featuring him walking into the New York City courthouse. The footage includes voiceovers from commentators criticizing Bragg, suggesting that the former president is innocent. 


The video was posted to Trump’s Truth Social account with a caption telling his followers that if they are “doing poorly,” they should not send him money, but if they are “doing well,” they should donate to him. 

People cheering and waving Trump and American flags can be seen in the video as he pulls up to the arraignment. The video also shows his supporters applauding him as he took the stage at his Mar-a-Lago residence the night of the arraignment. 


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