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Pentagon Diversity Officer Won't Face Discipline for Anti-White Tweets

Obtained by Townhall

The Pentagon said it would not discipline the Department of Defense's chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer for posting anti-white tweets. 

Kelisa Wing was under investigation by the Pentagon on September 17 after she referred to white people as "Karens," often used to describe entitled white women. 


"I'm exhausted with these white folx in these [professional development] sessions," Wing tweeted. "[T]his lady actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too… I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS… [W]e are not the majority; we don't have power." 

"Caudacity" is slang used to describe the audacity demonstrated by White people.

In another tweet, Wing addressed a Twitter user who wrote: "I am exhausted by 99% of the white men in education and 95% of the white women. Where can I get a break from white nonsense for a while?"

She responded, "if another Karen tells me about her feelings… I might lose it…."

During a House Armed Services Committee, Gilbert Cisneros Jr., undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness in the Biden Administration, was questioned on the decision not to hold Wing accountable for her words.

"I do agree that that is unacceptable," Cisneros said in the hearing. "It's not something that I would condone, and it's not condoned by [Department of Defense Education Activity] or the Department of Defense." 

However, he insisted Wing was "speaking in a personal capacity. [and] as a result, the Director of DoDEA took no disciplinary action. Separately, as part of headquarters restructuring, the employee was reassigned to another position that does not include diversity, equity, and inclusion-specific responsibilities."


House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) accused Cisneros of taking too long to take action against Wing's tweets, making him read them aloud during the hearing. 

"For these reasons, we are concerned that Ms. Wing's rhetoric is not in line with the values and standards of the DOD," the Republicans concluded. "Furthermore, we have reservations about the judgment of DODEA Director Thomas Brady. Director Brady once stated, 'Kelisa Wing is exactly the right person to lead our efforts in building on the foundational work done to support meaningful change in our organization,' which shows either poor judgment or willful ignorance."

Stefanik also blamed this type of woke ideology, similar to Wing's comments, as destroying the U.S. military and poisoning children's minds. 


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