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The liberal media is having a heart attack over former President Trump's statement following the news he will possibly be indicted over allegations he had an affair with Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential election. 

Many news outlets are comparing Trump's message to his January 6 Capitol Hill announcement, where he urged his supporters to "protest" on his behalf.

On Saturday, Trump took to his Truth Social account to tell his supporters to "protest" to "take our nation back," calling Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's effort "corrupt" and "politically motivated." 

Trump's ex-attorney, Michael Cohen, accused the former president of advocating for violence in his honor. 

"Donald would have no reason to put out the statement unless he has been contacted by the [office of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg] and advised accordingly," Cohen claimed. "Donald's post is eerily similar to his battle cry before the January 6th insurrection, including calling for protest. By doing so, Donald hopes to rile his base, witness another violent clash on his behalf, and profit from it by soliciting contributions."

Leftist reporters also accuse Trump of inciting civil unrest before his possible indictment on Tuesday. 

Politico Senior legal affairs reporter Kyle Cheney said that Trump's message came straight from his "January 6 playbook."

"Lots of similarities to 1/6 calls by Trump, including giving backers a target day to gather. But unlike two years ago, there's no natural place to convene, or even a certainty that Tuesday is the correct day," Cheney tweeted. 

MSNBC contributor David Corn attacked Trump for "threatening the nation." 

"And in recent posts, he has excused or dismissed the violence of January 6. Yet, he is an authoritarian willing to (again) use violence for his ends. That is a threat to the nation," he wrote on Twitter. 

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