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Comedian Chris Rock is bringing funny back into comedy by raging against liberal's woke nonsense. 

Rock is being called brave for taking another shot at the "anti-woke revolution," hitting the Left where it hurts most. 


During his hour-long special, Rock fired shots at almost every hot-button political issue, including race, abortion, and transgender people, igniting fury in liberals who get offended too quickly. 

Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro praised Rock, applauding him for standing up to the woke mob, noting that the comedian sounds like a "right-winger." 

"He went very, very hard after Meghan Markle because one of the things that he said during the special Chris Rock is we have now decided to glorify victims. It's one thing if you are a victim; it is another if you are a pretend victim. And we have decided that everyone in American society is now a victim; he sounds very much like a right-winger," Shapiro said. 

Shapiro also pointed out that Rock and other comedians go after liberal nonsense not because they like Republicans but because the Left has become too extreme. 

"When the comedians are now more aligned with the right than the Left, not because they like the right. They hate the right, but because they look at the Left and they say, 'I can't be anywhere near these people. They're too crazy.' That is a serious problem for the Democratic Party in political terms," he continued. 

Jamie Kilstein, a comedian and host of the podcast "Advice Not Taken," also applauded Rock for putting the truth back into comedy without worrying about who he may offend. 


"That's when comedy's best, is when, it sounds so cliché, but it's addressing things that many people are seeing that maybe they're afraid to say, especially in their own political echo chamber, and just sort of apologetically doesn't try to take sides and just tries to be funny, funny, funny," Kilstein told Fox News Digital. 

Rock also used his time on stage to address the January 6 Capitol Hill protests, comparing it to the "Planet of the Apes." However, he decided to use that material towards the end of his act, which Kilstein said was "brave." 

"The reality is if you look out at Chris Rock's audience, that did not look like a conservative audience," Kilstein said. "It was like a liberal, mostly Black audience in Baltimore… A lot of people less brave than Chris would have opened with the January 6 material, get everyone almost on his side, and then go into the more anti-woke critique of the Left. But he did the exact opposite. He was in front of a liberal audience, as much as Twitter doesn't want to think so, and he opened by critiquing them." 

However, those who do not understand comedy (woke liberals) were outraged at Rock's standup, calling it "shocking." 

Uju Anya, a Carnegie Mellon University professor who identifies as an "[a]ntiracist" and "feminist" on her Twitter profile, claimed that Rock deserves to be "assaulted." 


At the same time, NBC reporter Ben Collins said he "got 14 minutes into the Chris Rock special before my subconscious took over, said 'okay that's enough' out loud and turned my whole TV off. Pure animal instinct is defending against hearing the same joke for the 8,000th time. My soul was dying and took control, elf." 

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