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Obama's WH Doctor Warns Biden's Cognitive Decline Will Lead the U.S. Straight Into War With China, Russia

AP Photo/Jess Rapfogel

The former White House physician to Presidents Obama and Trump has a warning for the U.S. regarding President Joe Biden's declining mental health. 

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) raised concerns days after Biden made notable gaffes while giving an interview and fell again up the stairs of Air Force One. 


Jackson cautioned that his decline in cognitive health would lead the country into war. 

"It's TERRIFYING for our country that Biden is our commander-in-chief. He doesn't know where he's at half the time, and every day he brings us closer to an all-out war with Russia & China," Jackson said in a tweet. "His cognitive decline is going to get people KILLED!!" 

In the past year, Biden has ramped up the transfer of U.S. military equipment to Ukraine for its border defense and 1,500 new and 750 amended sanctions and export controls against Russia.

Additionally, lawmakers have earmarked $110 billion to help defend Ukraine's borders. 

Meanwhile, Biden continues to ignore his own country's borders, that is being overrun by illegal migrants bringing everything from sex trafficking to deadly drugs into the U.S. 

Since taking office, Biden has let over five million aliens enter the U.S. illegally, ignoring demands for him to secure the border. 


The president's notable forgetfulness and mood swings have worried Republican lawmakers, calling on him to take a cognitive test due to fears he may have Alzheimer's disease. 

Earlier this month, 38 Republican lawmakers demanded Biden to undergo a cognitive test, pointing out similarities between the disease and the president's personality. 

"The Alzheimer's Association lists "changes in mood and personality," including being more "easily upset" as one of ten signs of mental decline. You displayed this type of mood change during a cabinet meeting on January 24, 2022, when you apparently did not know your microphone was on after finishing your opening remarks. You called a White House reporter a "stupid son of a b****" in response to a question asked on inflation," the lawmakers wrote in a letter. 

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