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Liberal Chelsea Handler Brags About Being 'Childless,' Attacking the Nuclear Family


Comedian and crazy liberal feminist Chelsea Handler is being criticized for releasing a video of her bragging about not being married or having kids. 

The 47-year-old made a video showing a day in her life as a childless woman, with several arguing it's the left's attack on the nuclear family. 


"I wake up at 6 am. I remember that I have no kids to take to school, so I take an edible, masturbate, and go back to sleep," Handler begins in the opening monologue. 

Then Handler continued with a more over-the-top attitude, saying that around 12:30 in the afternoon, she gets "ready for a busy day of doing whatever the f--- I feel like."  

"I put on my most impractical and stylish shoes since I won't be chasing a child around the grocery store," Handler said, adding that she heads to her "fave spot in Paris to grab a croissant," pointing out that the plane ride is quiet enough to meditate on because "I have no screaming kids."

In today's hookup culture and the idea that "women don't need a man," Handler bragged about being able to engage sexually with "whatever hot guy" she met that night. 

She concluded the video by saying, "it's amazing what you can do when you have this much free time."

However, conservative critics called the video "sad" and "depressing." 

Libs of TikTok said this is one of the saddest videos they have ever seen, while pro-life advocate Lila Rose agreed. 


Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro also commented on the video, arguing that Handler names several things she can because she has no kids. Yet, she never actually did any of them. 

"The best thing about this video is that it features her explaining that she can do whatever she wants as a person with no kids- and so she names a bunch of stuff she didn't do because her actual life consists of drinking a s***load of wine and being really, really said," Shapiro wrote. 

Other people mention that by age 47, Handler could have had kids who by now would be grown, and she could be back to sleeping in until the afternoon and traveling the world.


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