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Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo Lash Out At Each Other Over 2024 Accusations

Two very likely 2024 presidential contenders launched hasty accusations at one another after a memoir reveals hidden truths. 

Former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley accused former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of using “lies and gossip” to sell his new book, Never Give An Inch. 


The comments come after Pompeo claimed that Haley secretly worked with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to oust Pompeo from his position. 

"As best [White House Chief of Staff John] Kelly could tell they [Kushner and Ivanka] were presenting a possible ‘Haley for vice-president’ option. I can’t confirm this, but [Kelly] was certain he had been played, and he was not happy about it. This visit did not reflect a team effort but undermined our work for America,” an excerpt from Pompeo’s book read. 

In response, Haley called out his allegations saying she doesn’t understand why Pompeo would have made such remarks. 

“I don’t know why he said it, but that’s exactly why I stayed out of D.C. as much as possible, to get away from the drama,” Haley said while speaking on Fox News. 

The book notes that Pompeo put down Haley’s position saying her job “is far less important than people think,” questioning her commitment to public service rather than her political gain. 

When Haley stepped down from her diplomatic post in October 2018, Pompeo argued that she “flat-out threw in the towel.”


Both Pompeo and Haley are expected to make an official announcement for the 2024 race, with Haley hinting that she believes she can be the leader to start fixing things within the U.S. 

Another preview of Pompeo’s book obtained by Semafor revealed a tense relationship between the former Trump staffer and the president himself. 

Trump reportedly told Pompeo to “shut the hell up for a while” about China mishandling the Covid-19 pandemic, leading the pair to navigate several disagreements regarding the matter during the early days of 2020. 

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