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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As the White House flip flops on its narrative for why President Joe Biden had classified documents, including some labeled as “top secret,” stashed in his home and office, Republicans are trying to piece together the controversy regarding the papers and the timing of their release to the public. 


Rep. Jerry Carl (R-AL) suggested that Biden was purposely “set up” by his party. 

“T]his stuff showing up — and this is the other side of my brain, this is not a Republican thing all of a sudden,” Carl said. “It’s almost like he’s being set up by his own people.” 

The Republicans continued to question why the White House waited until after the midterm elections to release the information when Democrats had control of the House. 

“They waited until after the election. They waited until after the Democrats lost a majority for this stuff to start leaking out. They knew it was there back in early November,” Carl said, adding “why didn’t they do it then when they had full control? All three houses could say it’s no big deal, whitewash and let’s move on. They didn’t.”

Carl argued against all of the excuses the Biden White House is giving as to why the classified documents may have been in the president’s possession. 

“So, it’s almost like his own people are trying to destroy him at this point,” Carl stated. “They had no business being there. He’s wrong. Just forget about everything else. He’s wrong. It should not be there. It was in his garage. It should not be in his house unless it is a known secured facility by the Secret Service agents.”


This comes after the Biden Administration claimed that the reason the top-secret papers were at Biden’s home, was because they used his Delaware residence as a place to do “official” business. 

However, the White House backtracked this previous claim and is now saying his residence is “personal,” which is why visitor logs are not able to be provided, which were requested by House Oversight Chair, Rep. James Comer (R-KY). 

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