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Schumer Is Already Accusing McCarthy of Catering to the 'Extreme Wing' of the Republican Party

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is accusing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) of taking sides with the “extreme far-Right.” 

In a Dear Colleague letter, Schumer said that the incoming Republican Party is throwing away a chance at bipartisanship, claiming that he will fight McCarthy “tooth and nail” if he tries to pursue an “ultra MAGA agenda.” 


“Unfortunately, what we’ve seen this week from House Republicans are more chaos and ultra MAGA proposals," Schumer wrote. "I want to work with Speaker McCarthy to get things done, but so far, House Republicans have been focused on delivering for wealthy special interests and the extreme wing of their party.”

Schumer, who is a slave to the Democrat’s progressive agenda, insinuated that a potential fight will go down between the two parties if Republicans go forward with their plan to cut spending to fiscal 2022 levels, which Washington fears will lead to a government shutdown.

Schumer accused Republicans of caving to “election deniers” and throwing working-class Americans under the bus. 

“If Republicans follow the extreme wing of their party off a cliff and continue caving to election deniers and those who threaten our democracy and help the wealthy at the expense of the working class, Democrats must make clear to the American people that we will fight tooth and nail against these attacks," Schumer continued. 

In a tweet, Schumer called out Republicans while touting the Democrat’s Inflation Reduction Act, falsely claiming that it will put more money into American’s pockets. 


However, not only will it not lower inflation, it will make the cost of living exponentially higher with its huge handouts for “green energy.” 

Schumer spent much of Friday hiding behind his computer attacking the Right and trying very hard to make his party look good.

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