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MSNBC Host Gets Schooled By Twitter After Defending Biden's History of Lying

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

MSNBC host of “All In,” Chris Hayes, was hit with a reality check after defending President Joe Biden’s long history of lying to GOP Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY) admitting he lied on his resume. 


In the wake of Santos admitting that he lied about his work and education experience while on the campaign trail, Democrats were quick to deem him unfit for the position he is running for.

While the Left called for Santo’s dismissal, writer Jonah Goldberg called out Democrats for the hypocrisy happening as Biden tells lies like it’s his job.

"I think Santos is a total embarrassment and has no place in public life. But a lot of folks on this site dinging him seem to have forgotten how much both the current president and his predecessor ‘embellished’ about their accomplishments,” Goldberg tweeted. 

In response, Hayes defended Biden, calling his lies "normal politician bs-ing.”

“I think there's a line between ‘normal’ politician bs-ing and conman serial lying, and he's got infractions on either side of that line… I mean it would have been a pretty big deal if it turned out Joe Biden didn't have a law degree!” Hayes tweeted to Goldberg.

However, Hayes was schooled by Twitter after his comments. 


Another pointed out that Biden has lied about the most important parts of his life. 

"Biden lies about the most important moments in his life all the time. From the tragic death of his daughter and first wife to the number of grandchildren he has. He lies incessantly about his education. Find something biographical he doesn’t lie about. Hell, he’s not even Irish." 


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