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Ronna McDaniel Calls For Unity Among the Republican Party

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Republican National Committee Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, believes she knows why the GOP suffered losses in the midterm elections. 

McDaniel blames the “massive amount” of ticket-splitting as one of the major factors for why Republicans failed to bring a red wave to the U.S. 


"Ticket-splitting was everywhere. We won eight races statewide in Georgia, but then Warnock wins the runoff. Ron Johnson wins in Wisconsin, but Evers holds the governorship," McDaniel said, adding “it’s not a size fits.”

She also touched on abortion, saying that it most likely gave Democrats a large advantage when appealing to voters. 

“We’ve got to get conversant on that. It was probably a bigger factor than a lot of people thought. We can’t just do an ostrich method and pretend that it doesn’t exist when Democrats are spending $30 million on that message," McDaniel said. "In Pennsylvania and Michigan, that was a huge issue.”

Additionally, McDaniel is calling for unity among Republican members, and that fighting with one another will only help Democrats win future elections. 

“We can’t hate each other so much that we forget what the Democrats are doing to this country. We can’t be so mad at each other that we say, ‘I’m not going to vote for this Republican because they like this candidate, or they’re a RINO or establishment or MAGA,” McDaniel said. 


Arguing that Americans don’t want to vote for a party in which its members can’t get along and come to an agreement on issues. 

“We have got to come together because if you look at many of these elections right now, the Republican voters were difference makers. We have got to come together because the Democrats are destroying our country. Unity is going to be the word of the day if we’re going to win in 2023 and 2024. … But if we have infighting no one is attracted to our party,” McDaniel said. 

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