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GOP Senator Threatens the Defense Dept. After Its Policy Will Allow Military Members to Receive Abortions

AP Photo/Rebecca Santana

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala) is vowing to hold Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin accountable for planning to fund thousands of abortions, in which taxpayers in part pay for. 


The GOP Senator is threatening to place Sente holds on the Defense Department’s civilian and senior military nominations until the DOD terminates its abortion policy which would allow thousands of abortions to be performed for service members and their families. 

“It is my conviction that this proposed policy change is illegal, circumvents Congress, and exceeds your authority," Tuberville wrote, adding “should you implement these proposed changes to the department's abortion policies, I will place a hold on all future DoD civilian and general/flag officer nominations.”

The woke policy aims at ensuring service members are able to still get abortions even when they are stationed in a state that restricts the procedure, to which Tuberville calls “irresponsible.” 

The DOD plans to implement their policy by the end of the year. Tuberville has already placed nine of President Joe Biden’s nominations on hold and vows to it to stay that way until the DOD’s stance on abortion is reversed. 

“For years, the department has averaged less than 20 abortions per year… the brief revealed the policy intentions put forth in your October memo, ‘Ensuring Access to Reproductive Health Care,’ would increase DoD-subsidized abortions by as much as 4,100 per year,” Tuberville continued, adding “that estimate does not include dependents, which your policy also intends to cover, who might seek assistance in obtaining an abortion.”


In a tweet, Tuberville said the plan is “not only a severe misuse of taxpayer dollars, it’s illegal. I will hold [Austin] accountable.” 

The DOD’s plan would provide unrestricted abortions and when asked, the department was unable to provide answers on how much the policy change would cost the department.

Tuberville spoke for most Americans, saying that he finds abortion “repugnant,” adding that it “is irresponsible to push forward with such a controversial change to department policy without due diligence on how this will impact the readiness of the force.”

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