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Pro-Choice Protestors Disrupt Capitol Hill, But Enjoyed a Free Dinner First

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Last week, pro-abortion protestors disrupted the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center during a pro-life event, shouting “you have blood on your hands.” 

The protestors, which included people from the Shut Down DC and Our Rights DC groups, emerged from within the crowd while executive director Janet Durig spoke. 


“You are judging those who are attempting to receive medical healthcare. That's all on your f**king hands,” and “blood on your hands. Jane says revenge, motherf*****s. Blood on your hands. Blood on your hands,” could be heard from the protestors. 

Outside of the event, one protestor held a sign that read: “Jesus loves abortion.”

As security rushed to remove the pro-abortion protestors, they continued to scream obscenities such as “abortion forever.” 

The protestors actually attended the event and enjoyed themselves a free dinner before making a scene. 


In June, the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center was vandalized after the leak of the Dobbs decision, however, both local law enforcement and the federal government has failed to investigate the incident. 

The center was targeted with eggs, a large splash of red paint on the door, and Jane Says Revenge spray-painted on the side of the building. 

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in May, over 100 churches and pro- life organizations have been vandalized by pro-choice activists.

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