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Former Charlie Crist Staffers Endorse DeSantis: The Choice 'Could Not Be More Clear'

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

Dozens of former gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist staffers and colleagues have turned their backs on him by endorsing his opponent Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla). 


A group of Republican figures signed a letter unanimously supporting the Florida governor, saying that their choice could not be more clear. 

“Together, we have known Charlie in virtually all phases of his career and public life… we are well-qualified to endorse in the Florida Governor’s race because we have significant experience in public service to the state of Florida. The choice this November could not be more clear: we unanimously endorse Governor Ron DeSantis for re-election,” the letter reads. 

Crist is the former Republican governor of Florida who later became an Independent, and then eventually shifted to the Democratic Party. 

The 26 Republicans who signed the letter said that DeSantis’ courage and leadership are why he should be re-elected for governor for a second term. 

“Governor DeSantis has delivered for Florida. He has led our state with courage and conviction. He has demonstrated his ability to lead us through difficult times,” the letter states, adding “we stand with Governor DeSantis because the stakes are too high. We urge Florida to re-elect Ron DeSantis as our Governor.”


Earlier this week, DeSantis and Crist held their first and only debate where things got heated between the two. 

During the one-hour debate, DeSantis criticized the “Biden-Crist” policies several times, where DeSantis said, “the only worn-out old donkey I'm looking to put out to pasture is Charlie Crist.” 

Crist intrigued viewers by asking DeSantis whether he would serve as governor of Florida for the full term or if he would instead leave his position to run for president. 

“You’re running for governor,” Crist said, adding “why don’t you look in the eyes of the people of the state of Florida and say to them if you’re re-elected, you will serve a full four-year term as governor. Yes or no?”

However, in response, DeSantis said that he’s only looking to defeat Crist and be reelected as Florida’s governor.

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