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Townhall Media/Katie Pavlich

Illegal migrants encounters have hit a record new high as President Joe Biden insists the amount of encounters have slowed. 

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have reported over an estimated 227,000 illegal migrant encounters along the southern border at the hands of Biden’s lax border policies. 


“CBP and DHS will continue to work with our partners in the region to address the root causes of migration, expand legal pathways, facilitate removals, and take thousands of smugglers off the streets… no matter what smugglers say, those who do not have a legal basis to remain in the country will be removed and people should not make the dangerous journey,” CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said.

As of the fiscal year for 2022, the CBP reported about 2.3 million illegal encounters, up 41 percent, making history from the year before. It was also revealed that 19 percent of those encounters had been stopped at the southern border at least one other time. 

Additionally, the CBP said that migrants are from authoritarian government run country ore such as Venezuelan, Cuban and Nicaraguan increased by 15 percent over the past year, or 245% higher in September 2022 compared to September 2021.


According to an NPR poll from earlier this year, majority of voters find the border crisis to be an invasion of the U.S. 

The poll found that 54 percent of Americans, including 40 percent of Democrats, believe it is "completely true" that the border crisis is an "invasion.”

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