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Ohio Newspaper Accused of Racism After Mocking JD Vance and His Indian-American Wife

AP Photo/Paul Vernon

One of Cleveland, Ohio’s major newspapers is facing backlash after printing a political cartoon that takes aim at Senate candidate JD Vance (R-OH) at the expense of his Indian American wife. 


The Plain Dealer, who endorsed Vance’s opponent Tim Ryan (D-OH), published a cartoon showing Ryan in a Cleveland Guardians, formally known as the Indians when everything didn’t have to be politically correct, uniform while Vance is shown in a San Francisco Giants uniform with a quote bubble above his head. 

“The only Native American name change I support is my wife’s name change to ‘Senator JD Vance’s spouse,’” Vance’s cartoon says, referring to Cleveland's former name, the Indians. 

In a past interview with Fox News, Vance criticized former opponent Matt Dolan, whose family owns the baseball team, over the name change, calling out Dolan for giving in to the “woke mob.” 

In an article, political cartoonist Jeff Darcey said “so don’t expect to see J.D. Vance sporting any Cleveland Guardians garb. He’s more likely to be in San Francisco Giants gear. Vance had transplanted to the bay city where he made his $millions as a venture capitalist, wrote his bestselling memoir, ‘Hillbilly Elegy,' and met and married his wife, Usha, an attorney who works for a San Francisco-Washington D.C. law firm. Usha Chilukuri Vance is an Indian American.”


“The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s woke editors published a cartoon that explicitly encourages bigotry against Indian women by perpetuating a stereotype,” Vance's chief strategist Jai Chabria said in a statement to Fox News Digital. 

“Tim should step up and condemn their actions immediately, or perhaps this racism is ok because it’s against a Republican,” Chabria continued to say. 

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