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CNN Quietly Suspended Contributor for Criticizing Disgraced Jeffery Toobin

Photo by Evan Agonstini/ Invision/AP, File

A CNN contributor was allegedly suspended for criticizing the suspensions of Chris Cuomo and Jeffery Toobin.

Mary Katherine Ham claims that she was kept off-air by now-ousted Jeff Zucker after calling out his handling of the two disgraced anchors- one who was caught masturbating while on a company-wide Zoom call, the other who violated journalistic standards for helping his then-governor brother with his sexual assault allegations. 


In a substack article, Ham said that she was quietly punished after engaging in a Twitter argument with CNN colleague, Andrew Kaczynski. 

Ham called out CNN for welcoming Toobin back to the company despite committing a disgusting action that the whole world saw. 

“It came to my attention in July that I had been punished under old CNN leadership— kept off the air since January— for tweeting about Jeffrey Toobin in a Twitter dust-up with Andrew Kaczynski (another CNN employee) regarding our network’s coverage of the 2017 Congressional baseball shooting,” Ham wrote. 

According to her, she was completely blind-sighted that Zucker had issued a quiet suspension against her. It wasn’t until CNN’s new boss, Chris Licht took over that she found out. 

Her comments about Toobin were allegedly directly related to her suspension. 

“Rather, I’m told, “when it got to the comments about Jeffrey Toobin…everyone wanted a bit of a breather,” Ham wrote, adding “well, everyone but me, who had no idea there was a breather in effect. I was never informed of my punishment until it was rescinded recently by new management. No one called me or my representation about it. There was no announcement of a suspension, or notification of in-house disciplinary action, which I would have preferred, even welcomed by comparison to serving a secret sentence.”


In the Twitter spat between her and Kaczynski, Ham tweeted “got jack to say about Cuomo and Toobin, but gotta fact-check me when he’s got nothing.”

She then posted another tweet saying that Toobin “jacked off in front of female colleagues,” while Cuomo “violated every conflict of interest rule in journalism, lied about it, and got fired.”

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