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AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Former President Barack Obama and current President Joe Biden’s friendship may not have been the bromance Americans were led into believing.

A new tell-all book reveals that Obama and Biden’s relationship seemed to be one-sided after it was revealed that Obama once said “Shoot. Me. Now.” to his aide as Biden rambled on while delivering a speech. 


Titled "The Long Alliance: The Imperfect Union of Joe Biden and Barack Obama," the book details the amount of tension between the pair’s eight-year time together in the White House. 

According to the book, Obama’s first impression of Biden was that he was “condescending,” adding that he often would “ramble” on about things no one really cared about. 

“Joe Biden is a decent guy but man, that guy can just talk and talk. It’s an incredible thing to see,” Obama reportedly told his advisor David Axelrod. 

Though Biden allegedly also had beef with the former president, saying that Biden rolled his eyes at Obama, adding that he did not appreciate Obama’s “aloofness and glad-handing with fellow pols.” 

However, there is one thing Obama was right about. He reportedly was worried that Biden’s repeated embarrassing gaffes would give their opponents “ammunition.” And that prediction sure has rung true. 

The book reveals that Obama was weary of Biden running for president in 2020, saying that the president was “tired” and it would be “unthinkable pain” for Biden to endure four years in the White House as he nears 80 years old. 


The two apparently did not make a good first impression on each other after alleging that the former president could not afford dinner at a nice place, prompting Biden to think of Obama as arrogant and presumptuous.

Earlier this year at a White House event, Biden looked like a sad, lost puppy while everyone around him fawned over Obama being in the room. 

Obama was swarmed by Biden’s own staff as he visited the White House for the first time in five years, making the president throw his hands up in confusion as everyone blatantly ignored him.

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