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Seth Wenig/AP Photo

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton addressed her husband and former President Bill Clinton's infidelity while making her TV show debut with daughter Chelsea Clinton on "Gutsy," which profiles conversations with "courageous" women. 


In the clip, Clinton was asked about her decision to stay with her husband after the infamous scandal of his affair with White House aid Monica Lewinsky, admitting that staying married to him was not "right for everybody." 

"You have a marriage that has been on public display since the beginning. You said the gutsiest thing you ever did was stay in your marriage," Rev. Whittney Ijanaten said in the trailer. 

"That doesn't mean that's right for everybody," Clinton acknowledged, recalling that she was "devastated" and felt judged by other women after her husband cheated on her in the public eye. 

This is not the first time the Clintons have discussed their rocky marriage. Bill opened up about his relationship with Lewinsky, expressing regret for his actions.  

However, that was not the only time the former president was involved in scandals with women since marrying Hillary in 1975. 

Lawyer Dolly Kyle Browning, former model Sally Perdue, and actress Elizabeth Gracen have all come forward claiming to of had affairs with the former president during his tenure as the Arkansas governor. 

Arkansas resident Paula Jones also claims she was allegedly sexually harassed by him during his presidency, filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. However, despite publicly denying the allegations, Bill Clinton agreed to settle the suit. 

Meanwhile, not everybody is buying Clinton's attempt to make people feel sorry for her. 


Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce called out Clinton's "insulting" claim, saying it is absurd. 

"Gutsy about not divorcing your husband because she made a decision on what it was she wanted in the future, believing perhaps she needed him to become the first woman president," Bruce said. 

Bruce then turned the situation to the baby formula shortage the U.S. has been facing for months. 

"What's really gutsy is when you have two children, and you don't know where you're going to get baby formula. What's really gutsy is when you have to decide if there's going to be protein on your children's plate or if you are going to put $10 worth of gas in your car because you can't really afford both. Gutsy is making sure you take care of your children, knowing that gas prices, that heating oil prices, are going to be going up even more for the winter. That's gutsy. To that point, being a privileged woman talking about whether she stayed in her marriage, that's insulting to everyone," Bruce explained. 

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