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Lee Zeldin Promises to Fire DA Who Let Attacker Walk Without Bail

Stefani Reynolds/AP Photo

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) spoke out after being attacked at a campaign event on Thursday evening. 

Zeldin promised to fire the district attorney who refused to enforce the laws after his attacker was let out of jail without bail, just hours after being arrested. 


"The first thing that I will do after I'm sworn into office is to do my constitutional duty… it's not just constitutional authority, but to do my constitutional duty to remove the district attorney who refuses to enforce the law," Zeldin said. 

Zeldin, who is running for governor, assured New Yorkers that he will not take lightly the crime and violence that is sweeping the nation. 

"If the [district attorney] refuses to enforce the law, the governor has the duty to remove that DA," Zeldin told reporters. 

The suspect, identified as David G. Jakubonis, was charged with attempted assault in the second degree after he grabbed the congressman and tried to stab him with a black hardened plastic keychain that had two sharp points attached to it, typically designed for self-defense. 

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg released Jakubonis within only 24 hours after being taken into custody— and without bail. 


Prior to being attacked, Zeldin recalled Jakubonis looking at him on stage and saying, "You're done," before lunging at him with the weapon. 

In a tweet, Zeldin predicted he would be released immediately. Case in point, the congressman's guess was correct. 

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