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Rep. Mayra Flores: 'Biden is Encouraging Illegal Immigration'

Julio Rosas/Townhall Media

Newly elected Congresswoman Rep. Maya Flores (R-TX) warned about the damaging consequences President Joe Biden’s open border policies are having on the U.S. 


In an interview with Breitbart, Flores called out the Biden administration for “encouraging illegal immigration,” suggesting that a way to fix the issue is to “defund the cartels.” 

“We need to defund the cartels… unfortunately, we have a border that is in control of criminal organizations,” Flores said, addidng “It is a sad reality, but no one can cross the border into this country without having to pay thousands of dollars to criminal organizations.”

She slammed Biden’s actions calling on him to be held accountable for encouraging people to risk their lives by attempting to enter the U.S. illegally. 

“He is not saying it with words, but he is saying it with actions — with what he is doing…he is telling the people to practically come, bring everyone, take the risk, and endanger your children,” Flores said. 

She continued to blame the Democrat party for taking advantage of the needs of illegal aliens, saying it is “not fair.” 

Flores also called out leftist politicians in D.C. for ignoring the issue at hand that helped fuel the violence and abuse women and children are enduring at “the hands of cartel-connected smugglers.” 


“It is something that is happening that in reality, it embarrasses me that it is happening in this country because we are better than that,” Flores said speaking about women who are sexually and physically abused while trying to enter the U.S. illegally. 

“In truth, there are some very bad people crossing our border,” Flores said, adding “while our agents on the border are tied up with children and women, there are terrorists coming in.”

Flores stressed the need for closing the border, and that securing it would create a streamline process for legal immigration that would defund the cartels. 

“I believe that we need to secure our border and to help good people come here legally…where there is a safe process also where people can come without having to go through, like I said before, without having to go through hell,” she said.

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