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Joe Maiorana/AP Photo

Former President Trump used his Las Vegas rally to rip President Joe Biden a new one, criticizing him for the wave of violence that has taken over the U.S. 


“We just want to have, it's very simple, a great country again. And we have to have a safe country,” Trump said, claiming that Democrat-run cities are full of rape and murder crimes. 

“The blood of these victims is almost exclusively in these Democrat strongholds. Babies are being killed, elderly women are being shot in the face and being raped,” Trump said.

The former president called out Biden for leading his “party's vile campaign” against police officers and then carrying “the rioters' agenda straight into the White House.” 

Trump blamed the Biden administration for its stance on “lawlessness” saying that the rule of law is collapsing at lighting speed due to the “weak on crime policies of the Biden administration, the Pelosi-Schumer Congress, radical left Democrats at the state and local level." 

Passionately, Trump told the crowd that being politically correct is forcing civilization to be “under siege.” 

Meanwhile, with cheers erupting from the audience, President Trump gave the spotlight to the Republican Party, proudly saying that they will always “back the blue” and have “everlasting respect and gratitude for all of the law enforcement officers.” 


Before exiting the stage, Trump gave another round of hints at whether he will run for president again in 2024. 

“We need leadership that will let this happen. So this is a little controversial and I will either get a standing ovation, and I don't care about the ovation I care about the country, or people are going to walk out of the room for what I am about to say. But it's time finally to say it: I did a really good job with drugs on our border. Perhaps nobody is more aware of the drug problem in our country than I am. I worked very hard on it for four years,” Trump said.

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