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Biden Admin Sold 1 Million Barrels of Oil to Chinese-Owned Company Tied To Hunter Biden

Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

The Biden administration sold 950,000 barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Unipec, a Chinese-owned gas company linked to Hunter Biden. 


Defending the move, the Biden administration claimed that it would “address the pain Americans are feeling at the pump,” claiming that it will “help lower energy costs.” 

The CCP- owned company reportedly is tied to Hunter Biden, whose private equity firm he helped cofound, purchased a nearly $2 billion stake in the company in 2015.

The White House has repeatedly ignored questions surrounding Joe Biden’s involvement in the Chinese gas company, however records suggest Hunter still has a stake in it. 

The Biden administration also claimed sending a million barrels of oil to China would “support American consumers and the global economy in response to Vladimir Putin's war of choice against Ukraine,” while also combatting “Putin’s price hike.” However, even though the company vowed it would no longer purchase Russian oil, Unipec has continued to fuel Russia’s economy by purchasing oil from the country. 

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the CCP-company “significantly increased the number of hired tankers to ship a key crude from eastern Russia.” 


As Americans struggle to put gas in their vehicles, and despite the White House saying that Joe Biden is doing everything he can to bring down prices, Biden continues to bow down to China, leaving the U.S. last on his to-do list. 

Power the Future founder Daniel Turner told the Washington Free Beacon that Biden is lying to the American people. 

“We were assured Biden was releasing this oil to America so it could be refined for gasoline to drive down prices at the pump. So right off the bat, they're just lying to the American people,” Turner said, adding “What they're saying they did and what they did are not remotely related.”

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