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Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

Christina Pushaw, spokeswoman for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), is not letting White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre off the hook for repeatedly "lying" about the Florida governor. 


Pushaw took to Twitter to blast the Biden administration for not setting up Jean-Pierre for success. 

"I'm not going to defend her, she has blatantly lied about my boss from the White House briefing room," Pushaw tweeted, adding, "But, Karine was not set up to succeed. Biden gave her this job as his approval collapses and the country faces multiple crises." 

Pushaw continued to blast President Joe Biden for his attacks on NATO and the Supreme Court. 

"She wasn't set up to succeed because frankly, she has a very difficult job cleaning up the messes Biden leaves in every public appearance, like his attack on SCOTUS at the NATO summit yesterday," Pushaw told the Daily Caller News Foundation. 

This comes after a spokesperson from DeSantis' re-election campaign called out the repeated lies made by the Biden administration after Florida's Parental Rights in Education law went into effect on Friday. 


"The White House continues to lie about Florida's work to protect children as young as five years old from sexualized lesson plans... DeSantis's pro-parent education agenda stands in stark contrast to the policies coming out of Washington as Joe Biden tries to steal lunch money from our kids to push woke gender ideology," his campaign said in a statement. 

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