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Luis M. Alvarez/AP Photo

Every branch of military in the U.S. is struggling to recruit members under the Biden pentagon due to the Biden administration going to great lengths to implement wokeness across the military. Giving up meritocracy for a radical leftist social agenda, the Pentagon is scrabbling to meet its fiscal year 2022 recruitment goals. 


According to NBC, the military recruitment has nosedived in 2022 leaving a record low of Americans either not eligible or not willing to consider ever serving for the U.S. 

Center for Military Readiness President Elaine Donnelly said that President Joe Biden’s woke policies are to blame. 

The culture of the military has been eroded by several years of social engineering and woke polices,” Donnelly said, adding that “it’s been accelerated by the current administration.”

Facing a long drought of recruiting, the military has not seen similar issues since 1973. 

Biden prioritizing transgender, LGBTQ and race are the driving forces turning young Americans away from wanting to serve. 

Donnelly said it send a “poor message” that discourages people from supporting the U.S. 

“It sends a message that if your son or daughter joins the military, if they’re not of a certain skin complexion or sex, they might be investigated for extremism,” Donnelly said, adding “They alienated their constituency.”


This comes four months after Biden announced that nearly six million hours and $535,000 was spent indoctrinating the left’s “woke agenda” into the ranks. 

The U.S. Department of Defense reportedly spent the money on new trainings that “inform” members about climate change, extremism and diversity, equity and inclusion. 

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