Republicans Fear Red Flag Laws Will Be Abused By Government

Posted: Jun 22, 2022 3:30 PM
Republicans Fear Red Flag Laws Will Be Abused By Government

Source: Steve Senne/AP Photo

As a bipartisan package clears for Senate Gun Control legislation, a majority of Republicans fear the potential uprising of "red flag laws" in the U.S., which would allow for the temporary seizure of guns from law-abiding citizens. 

A poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action found that 46.7 percent of Americans are worried governors and local authorities will abuse the laws. Seventy-two percent of those respondents were Republicans. 

Additionally, 52.3 percent of independent voters believe the laws pose a threat, while only 16.4 percent of Democrats agreed as well. 

This comes as the gun control legislation, released earlier this week, includes incentives for states who choose to adopt red flag laws by using Byrne Grants. 

Section 12003, titled "Use of Byrne Grants for Implementation of State Crisis Intervention Programs," set aside roughly $750 million to provide money to states who implement the laws to fund things like bulletproof vests and additional training for officers.

In a statement, Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action, said it is clear Americans don't see red flag laws as an answer to combating mass shootings throughout the country. 

"More and more Americans are coming to the conclusion that the government abuses any power it's given, and they are responding accordingly," Meckler said, adding that people want real, workable solutions. 

Additionally, he continued to say that the red flag laws would presumably be used as a way to threaten and control people who disagree with them. 

"Government officials at all levels have spent the last two years demonizing their opponents and using whatever means possible to censor or threaten those who disagree with them," Meckler said, adding, "so the idea that we should now trust those same people to not abuse a law that could infringe on basic constitutional rights is laughable."