Biden WH Under Fire for Having Press 'Black List'

Posted: Jun 17, 2022 2:05 PM
Biden WH Under Fire for Having Press 'Black List'

Source: Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

It has been known the Biden White House screens reporter questions prior to scheduled briefings and that his staff selects which reporters can attend, unlike the previous administration. But it has come under fire once again for an alleged press “black list” for events. 

The New York Post’s Steven Nelson questioned White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the biased matter of keeping certain reporters out of press conferences. 

"There’s a process where people are selected and able to go into these presidential events where the president often takes questions…for more than a year now the White House press office has been having press events in the state room, state dining room, the executive office building,” Nelson said, adding “overtime it has kind of morphed into a kind of black list where certain large media outlets such as my own are—,”

Jean Pierre cut him off, saying “black list?” While wildly claiming she had no clue the Biden administration was doing such thing, despite similar situations of keeping certain reporters out of the room.  

To which Nelson responded by saying “I’m just saying I represent the fourth largest newspaper in the country and I haven’t been selected since November.” 

When asked if Jean-Pierre could explain the process for picking which press members can attend the events, she could only deny the fact that she knew anything about it. 

With Biden’s many speech bluffs, along with the lies the White House likes to tell, it has apparently had to resort to only giving answers to questions they want Americans to know. Which means only giving the mic to reporters they know will ask all the right type of questions. 

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