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AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Schools all over the country have taken it upon themselves to encourage students to hide things from their parents. First it was transition closets where kids were able to come to school and wear clothes that fit their preferred gender without their parents finding out, then it was the curriculum they were being taught with books basically grooming minors. 


According to a letter sent from America First Legal to the school district obtained by Fox News, staff at a Texas school was given a presentation telling them to refer students, who claim to be a different sex than how they were born, to a private company rather than notifying the student’s parents. 

The letter states that it “empowers our community—primarily [LGBTQ] individuals and their families—to live healthier, more fulfilling lives." 

Ian prior, a senior advisor at America First Legal, said that these woke organizations are creating issues regarding their gender by going into schools making students aware of it who may not have been. 

“They're coming in, they're finding a problem that quite frankly doesn't exist, and then they ultimately provide these teacher trainings, they provide resources to the school, all to put in place this radical gender ideology that the vast majority of parents don't want being pushed on their children through these teacher trainings and other materials.” 


He also noted that the organizations are profiting off “significant amounts of money off of parents” by doing equity audits, or giving presentations to school staff on issues like critical race theory and gender identity.

Prior also put the blame on the schools who allow these woke organizations to come in and present their radical agenda to the students and staff.

This is just another example where parents need to be active in their kid's schools and know exactly what they are being taught. 

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