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NRA’s LaPierre Promises to Defend Gun Rights in Wake of Uvalde

The left has been coming for American’s second amendment rights for some time now, but in the wake of the deadly Uvalde school shooting, liberals will be knocking down doors to take away guns. 


The National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre vowed to defend the nation's gun rights during the NRA's Annual Leadership Forum

LaPierre began his speech by giving condolences to the families who lost their children, acknowledging the pure “evil” the victims endured. But in defense of American’s rights, LaPierre reaffirmed that gun control is not the answer to prevent future mass shootings from happening. 

“Restricting the fundamental human right of law-abiding Americans to defend themselves is not the answer. It never has been.” 

LaPierre continued to defend the mission of the NRA saying “as we gather, we know the eyes of the nation, the eyes of history, are upon us. And that's a good thing. Because every American deserves to know the truth about who we are and what we believe.”

He dismissed the left's idea of gun restrictions, expanded background checks and a ban on assault-style weapons, adding it is a “fundamental human right” to be able to protect yourself with a gun. 

LaPierre instead called for heightened security measures at schools, changes to the criminal justice system and new funding to “fix our nation’s broken mental health system.”

Meanwhile, Former President Trump is slated to speak at forum as well in defense of gun rights. During an interview with Sebastian Gorka, Trump vowed to offer "real solutions and real leadership" during his speech. 


"You have to give that Second Amendment great protection because, without it, we would be a very dangerous country, frankly." 


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