More Liberal TV Hosts Mock Republicans for Proposing Idea of Arming Teachers

Posted: May 26, 2022 8:37 PM
More Liberal TV Hosts Mock Republicans for Proposing Idea of Arming Teachers

As if it were right on cue, liberal so-called late night comedy show hosts used their air-time to bash Republicans amid the Uvalde school shooting. 

During an interview on Fox News, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that teachers should be armed with new school security strategies to further prevent another horrific event from happening. 

Late Night Show host Steven Colbert and Seth Meyers thought their opinion on the matter may actually be worth something. 

Colbert knocked down the idea that teachers should have guns saying, “a teacher’s job is not to use a gun. A teacher’s job is to teach and to rap about Shakespeare.” 

He continued to say that Republicans have bad ideas with no real solutions to stop gun violence, mocking conservatives by showing a photo of senior citizens holding rifles and handguns saying “there is a brilliant answer to our epidemic of gun violence. Arm the seniors. They shouldn’t be hard to find, they’re all members of the AAR-15.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of woke television, Seth Meyers also gave his unwanted opinion suggesting that Republicans are politicizing the tragic incident. However, it is the left who is doing such things. 

For instance, former president Barack Obama used the shooting to link Uvalde to George Floyd. 

Meyers also alleged that the “grotesque ideas from conservatives came to fruition everything would become a scene out out of ‘f—ing RoboCop.’