Alleged Uvalde Gunman Had Violent Tendencies Before Opening Fire at School

Posted: May 25, 2022 5:35 PM
Alleged Uvalde Gunman Had Violent Tendencies Before Opening Fire at School

The 18 year old alleged gunman who opened fire inside a Uvalde, Texas Elementary school is believed to have had violent tendencies prior to the deadly incident. 

According to reports from family, friends and colleagues, Salvador Ramos came from a troubled home and had a hard school life. And although he was quiet, he had moments where at times he could be threatening and displayed unstable behavior. The report also notes Ramos’ mother was an avid drug user. 

On multiple occasions, a neighbor said the police had to be called to the pair’s home, where in one case the suspected shooter had posted an Instagram video of him screaming at his mother with cops nearby. 

The report also says a high school classmate of Ramos recalls him being involved in about five fistfights. While a cousin of his says the alleged shooter wasn’t much of a socializer. They believe he was mocked and bullied by other students for his lisp, stuttering and for wearing eye liner.  

A former co-worker of Ramos said he was reportedly “rude to girls.. threatening them by asking ‘Do you know who I am?’” While sending inappropriate texts to females. 

Additionally, friends of the alleged shooter said he used to cut his own face up with a knife “for fun,” claiming he would also drive around at night shooting random people with a BB gun while throwing eggs at cars. 

Meanwhile, police may have reason to believe Ramos shot his grandmother before shooting up the elementary school that left at least 19 kids and two adults dead. The massacre ended with the alleged shooter being gunned down and killed by a Border Patrol Agent at the scene.