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Bidenflation is Americans Top Concern

America is struggling to make ends meet, with most people more worried about money now than they were at any point since 1985, as a Gallup poll from March showed. And polls continue to show consistent results. 


In a recently published Pew survey, 93 percent of people agree that inflation is a major problem, especially when trying to put food on the table and driving to their place of work. Seventy percent of people say it’s a “very big problem in the country today.” 

Despite the particularly partisan nature today's politics, both Republicans and Democrats are feeling a turbulent financial pain.

According to the USDA’s Economic Research Service, all food prices have increased by almost 8 percent, and continue to climb. The department says this was the “largest 12- month advance since July 1981.” 

Despite President Joe Biden’s so-called promises to combat gas prices, he has done very little to actually help the problem, and has, in fact, done quite a bit to make the economy worse. He continues to receive low parks on this key issue that matters to Americans, with just a 37.1 percent approval rating on the economy, according to data from RealClearPolitics (RCP) for April 7-May 10. 


As the U.S. sees record breaking gas prices, the Biden Administration cancelled one of the most high-profile oil and gas lease sales, halting the potential to drill for oil in over a million acres of Alaska’s Cook Inlet. 

Former Trump EPA transition member, Steve Milloy, told Fox News that Biden has “scared away investments… and will find any excuse to not drill.”

Biden has continuously talked about the need for more oil, but then acts to restrict it. 

When it comes to the unwanted gas price hikes, Biden has gone as far as to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, ignoring how inflation began rising the moment he took office. 


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