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AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Every now and again, we're reminded of how antisemitic and anti-Israel the squad members are. Perhaps the biggest offender of the bunch, though, would be Rep. Rashida Tlaib  (D-MI). On Tuesday, the congresswoman tweeted from her official account she was "outraged" that the Biden administration would dare to find one policy from the Trump administration it was going to go along with, which is to build the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. 


Tlaib's tweet included claims that the embassy was being built "on land stolen from Palestinians," and claimed that it thus made the United States "complicit in the illegal confiscation of Palestinian property." She also tagged President Joe Biden to say he "should reverse" the policy "immediately." She had tagged the State Department as well.

As our friends at Twitchy highlighted, the tweet elicited a strong reaction of thousands of replies, as users showed how outraged they were when it comes to her unfounded claims. 


Tlaib's anti-Israel sentiment had also been out in full force last September when she claimed, in quite the bragging manner, that she had gotten other Democratic members to oppose Israel. 

While her claim amounted to how "you never could imagine this many people come to the House floor to say, 'I am not gonna support the Iron Dome,'" the reality was that in September of 2021, support for the Iron Dome had passed the House 420-9. Eight Democrats and one Republican voted no, with two Democrats voting "present," including fellow squad member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who was reduced to sobbing on the House floor because of it

Tlaib received backlash from the Democratic Majority for Israel and fellow Democratic members as a result, including Reps. Jerry Nadler and Richie Torres, both from New York. Torres has said the squad's anti-Israel stance is why he did not join them upon coming to Congress in 2021.


Tlaib isn't the only one to use the "stolen land" claim about Israel or similar language. Also included in her Twitter thread was a link to a guest essay for The New York Times from

Neither Biden nor the State Department appear to have discussed the embassy move as of late. That may be because of points addressed in the guest essay:

While State Department officials have not confirmed these plans publicly, they have stated that the new embassy will be in Jerusalem — which the Biden administration has affirmed is recognized by Washington as Israel’s capital. “The United States has not yet made a decision on which site to pursue,” a spokesperson told The Intercept. “A number of factors, including the history of the sites, will be part of our site selection process.”

Yet the plans submitted for the new embassy and made public by Israeli authorities clearly indicate that the project on the Allenby Barracks site is moving ahead.

In discussing his claims about the land to be used and airing his grievances with Israel, Dr. Khalidi makes reference to resolutions from the United Nations, which is a particularly anti-Israel body


The latter part of Dr. Khalidi's piece rants and raves about Benjamin Netanyahu returning to power as Israeli prime minister, claiming he is "heading the most overtly racist right-wing government in the country’s history." In expressing concern about the Biden and Netanyahu administrations working together, Khalidi makes sure to once more get in lamentations about supposedly "building on seized land" and how the United States should not "tolerate, let alone be complicit in, the theft of any more Palestinian property."

With such hysterics like that, it's no wonder such a piece would be shared by the likes of Tlaib. 

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