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AP Photo/Steve Helber, File

In November of last year, now Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) did something once thought unthinkable at the beginning of the campaign, in that he became the first Republican elected as Virginia's governor since 2009. Winsome Earl-Sears and Jason Miyares, the Republican candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general, were also elected alongside him, and Republicans also took control of the House of Delegates. As a popular and effective sitting governor, Youngkin continues to be a thorn in the Democrats' side, so much so that the DNC has submitted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests pertaining to his security.


According to documents obtained by Townhall, the DNC is requesting records in the governor's possession as they pertain to "All records of actualized and anticipated spending on security by the Office of the Governor, including--but not limited to--annual budgets for security, contracts with security firms or law enforcement agencies, invoices or travel vouchers used by security to attend events with Gov. Glenn Youngkin, and invoices and requests for security equipment like bullet proof vests for Gov. Youngkin or his security team."

Another request asks for "Entry and exit records from any electric fob, key card or similar device used by or issued to Governor Glenn Youngkin."

For both requests, the DNC writes with original emphasis, that they are "not a commercial requester" and note that "We would request a waiver of fees," asking to be contacted if the charge for the request will be more than $50. 

Democrats submitting FOIA requests to do with Gov. Youngkin is nothing new. The Democratic Party of Virginia submitted two requests in September with regards to the governor's out-of-state travels. In response to those FOIA requests, Youngkin provided a statement to Townhall at the time, making clear that he "paid for and will continue to pay for my political travel as well as the expenses on those trips related to the Executive Protection Unit's travel, not because I have to but because it’s the right thing to do."


The Democrats' continued and obsessive interest in this GOP rising star has become increasingly inappropriate, including and especially when it comes to matters such as security protocols. 

Data released from Morning Consult in July had Youngkin as the 22nd most popular governor, with a 53 percent approval rating. Thirty-five percent disapprove. The poll included at least 431 registered voters in each state. 

An August poll from Roanoke College showed similarly positive results for the governor, in that 55 percent of 640 adult residents in Virginia approved of Youngkin, while 35 percent disapproved. Similarly, 51 percent had a favorable view of the governor, while 37 percent had an unfavorable view. A takeaway from the poll was that Youngkin's approval and favorability ratings continue to improve. 

Youngkin has been considered a potential candidate to run for president in 2024, though the governor remains committed to leading Virginia when asked about any future plans. 

When asked in August by 7News, a local ABC News outlet, if he was running for president, Youngkin explained that "my focus is on 2022," adding his "top priority is to make Virginia the best state to live work and raise a family" and "2024 is a long way off." Reiterating his focus being on 2022, he also said that "I am focused on delivering on promises made last year that have been kept. We've got a giant agenda for the rest of this year and into next year. And 2024 will happen when 2024 gets here."



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