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DeSantis Calling Fauci a 'Little Elf,' Requesting Someone 'Chuck Him Across the Potomac' Triggers the Left

AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is certainly known for taking down anyone who gets in his way from creating a free Florida, from reporters, to officials, to rogue state attorneys. He's proud of it too, considering he highlights many of these examples in a new re-election ad, "Top Gov." This also includes Dr. Anthony Fauci, who earlier this week announced he's retiring come December. A clip went viral on Wednesday of DeSantis proclaiming "I'm just sick of seeing him. I know he says he's gonna retire. Someone needs to grab that little elf and chuck him across the Potomac," speaking about Fauci.


Our friends at Twitchy highlighted how much users ate it all up, though some took issue with DeSantis referring to Dr. Fauci as an "elf," since it's far too kind, suggesting he's more like a gnome.

But then there are also those who took DeSantis' mention of Fauci too seriously, including The Daily Beast's Justin Baragona, who wrote an article to lament such remarks from the governor.

In it, Baragona wrote:

DeSantis, who recently debuted a performative tough-guy “Top Gov” campaign adwith himself as “Maverick,” has long taken aim at Fauci to burnish his MAGA credentials. 

Last year, for instance, he began hawking “Don’t Fauci My Florida” merch as coronavirus cases spiked in his state. Fauci, meanwhile, has been the target of countless death threats. A man who said he wanted to break every bone in Fauci’s “disgusting elf skull” was recently sentenced to three years in prison.

“Like the governor’s statement… is this question a joke?” Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern told The Daily Beast when asked about DeSantis’ remarks in light of ongoing threats to Fauci. He further suggested contacting the governor’s campaign if The Daily Beast “really believe this warrants a comment,” as he is “not able to comment on political matters.”

Redfern then tweeted out a screenshot of this reporter’s email with clown and globe emojis for a caption. The campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Baragona is the same guy who also took Greg Gutfeld's joke last December on "The Five" about how President Joe Biden "racist with blood on his hands" way too seriously. He was subsequently savaged by Gutfeld on his other top performing program for Fox News, "Gutfeld!"

Upon Baragona emailed Deputy Press Secretary Jeremy Redfern a leading question, Redfern tweeted out a screenshot of the email to mock. Emails between staff members of the DeSantis administration clearly state that Florida law means such communication "is not confidential" and "is a public record."

Deranged Twitter user Dash Dobrofsky on Thursday called for DeSantis to be "removed from the ballot and prosecuted" over his remarks, claiming it was an "explicit call for violence."


David French, who has pretty much aligned himself with the left at this point, likewise took issue with DeSantis' remarks. Twitchy also highlighted how he rushed to Fauci's defense in other ways as well, hours later. 


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