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Greg Gutfeld Savages Libs Who Took His Joke from 'The Five' Way Too Hard

Screenshot via Fox News

On Thursday's episode of Fox News' "The Five" co-host Greg Gutfeld came up with a joke to troll the episode's liberal co-host, Jessica Tarlov with, claiming in multiple choice form that President Joe Biden was "racist with blood on his hands." The Left went absolutely nuts over it, especially on Twitter.

But, at least Baragona recognized the show's high ratings. This episode was no different in how it performed. 

Our friends at Twitchy picked up on the tweet from Baragona, with their tweet earning a retweet from Gutfeld himself.

Gutfeld even retweeted Baragona's tweet with a particularly notable response.

There were even worse takes when it came to how people would react so strongly to a joke communicated over television, and by a commentator known for his particular kind of comedy.

Gutfeld addressed the overblown overreactions on his Friday night episode of "Gutfeld!," to suggest that "if you can't see that that is a joke, "The View" is looking for a new cast member and you should audition immediately."

He also included this tweet, as he called Klaas out for "way to humble brag about living in Canada" and went on to explain the joke. "But, it was blatant and over-the-top which is usually a sign that it's a joke. Here is another lefty with stage IV cancer of the funnybone. These people can spell 'funny' if you gave them the FU. Anyway, that guy's a columnist for the Washington post, you couldn't tell the difference between parody and reality."

Gutfeld had also had some fun on his own tweeting about Klaas, though.

Brian Klaas is a columnist at The Washington Post for the Global Opinions section. His last piece, from November 22, 2021, proclaimed that "Republican authoritarianism is here to stay."

Gutfeld also highlighted a piece from Ron Dicker by HuffPost, "Fox News' Jokey Joe Biden Graphic Isn't Funny At All."

Gutfeld referred to the outlet as "a listical junk site that spends endless space labeling half of America bigots and murderers."

The reaction also speaks to media dishonesty. Gutfeld and Kat Timpf discussed at one point discussed how the likes of Baragona were able to make it into such a big deal by distorting the joke. 

"It's interesting because they do have to take things out of context," Timpf offered. "What's truly disgusting? Making a joke, or purposefully twisting a joke to try to destroy another person, that you've never met?"

Gutfeld and Perino also discussed an unrelated but still hilarious tweet. The official account of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) manipulated a graph and thanking the president for people saving two cents on gas, as our friends at Twitchy and I also covered

Ultimately, Gutfeld made it into an even bigger joke. As Dana Perino, a co-host on "The Five" who was also a guest on "Gutfeld!" pointed out, Gutfeld got a monologue out of it. 

Likening it to "performance art," Gutfeld teased "from now I'm doing nothing but fake questions, 'cause it's going to be so much fun."

Gutfeld's monologue ended with another multiple choice quiz. "Does the media intentionally avoid big stories because it exposes their incompetence and corruption," Gutfeld asked, to laughter from the live studio audience. After reading the options of "A. Yes. B. Of Course. C. A and B and D. All of the Above," he closed with pointing out "that question is not a joke" before welcoming guests.

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