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David Hogg Threatens Democratic Member of Leadership With Primary Challenge, but There's a Catch

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

This piece has been updated to reflect the announcement of a Friday vote in the House on legislation to ban so-called assault weapons. 

Last week, David Hogg engaged in a publicity stunt where he interrupted a markup committee hearing meeting in the House Judiciary Committee, over legislation that would banned so-called assault weapons. Although he was dragged out of the hearing, he's still speaking up about the issue, as evidenced by his tweets throughout Thursday, highlighted by our friends at Twitchy


On Thursday it was unclear whether or not the U.S. House of Representatives was going to vote on the legislation. As of Friday morning, per a report from POLITICO, there could be a vote on Friday. The bill may not even have enough votes, though, due to Democrats in disarray over the language. Hogg, though, won't accept anything less than an immediate vote. He's so incensed about a lack of action that he's threatened to primary House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer who represents Maryland's 5th Congressional District.

Hogg either doesn't know very much about the state where he's threatening to primary someone, or he's planning way ahead for 2024. It turns out that Maryland's primary was last Tuesday, on July 19. Further, any Democrat looking to file for candidacy had a deadline of April 15. 


It's also worth wondering if Hogg's "friend" also is not aware of the Maryland election laws, despite supposedly having residency in the 5th Congressional District, and looking to represent the people who live there in Congress.

Ultimately, it was announced that the House would be voting on such legislation, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she expects to pass. The House had voted earlier in the day on a resolution to fast-track what they consider top priorities. 

Hogg tweeted shortly after the news as well.

The gun control activist has made a fool of himself on Twitter in recent months before to do with gun control. He had tweeted at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on June 9, begging him for a meeting and lamenting how he was told he couldn't have one because staff told Hogg that he "trigger[ed]" the senator.


After quickly being called out by Rubio's Chief of Staff Michael Needham, Hogg ultimately deleted the original tweet and issued a pseudo apology. Hogg had already had a meeting scheduled with Rubio, it turns out, but it was canceled as a result of Hogg's false tweets. The senator's staff also used no such language. 

As of Friday afternoon, approximately 24 hours after Hogg initially appears to have called out Hoyer, the tweets are still up. 

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