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Jen Psaki Finally Responds to Calling Peter Doocy a 'Stupid Son of a Bitch,' Hours Later

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As I covered on Friday morning, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during a Thursday night recording for "Pod Save America" that by working for Fox News, Peter Doocy "might... sound like a stupid son of a bitch." She finally responded, hours later, on Friday evening.


Such was the only tweet Psaki has issued from her official account, and it's not exactly an apology. It's more of a clean-up job, as our friends at Twitchy pointed out. 

Many took to replying to take issue with Psaki's explanation. As of Saturday night, the tweet has nearly 7,000 replies.

The full video posted to YouTube is aptly titled "Jen Psaki Talks Honestly About Fox News and Republicans," with a candid part of the interview featuring "what she can't say at the podium." Psaki herself also laughed along with the question, along with the audience who roared with laughter and applause. 


The hosts, former Obama adviser clowns Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer, tried to stop Psaki from telling "a nice Peter Doocy story," which they looked to be in torture over having to sit through. 

For all the build-up, that "nice story" was about how Doocy acted with "grace" to President Joe Biden calling him a "stupid son of a bitch," while she also laughed at "Hannity," the show Doocy was appearing on that night to address Biden's insult. In other words, he didn't act like a total jerk, even though Biden would have deserved it, which is what the definition of "grace" is.

It's worth reminding that President Joe Biden didn't exactly apologize to Doocy either, when in January he himself insulted Doocy in such a way, for daring to ask about inflation. 

Psaki is leaving the White House for MSNBC sometime ahead of the midterms, which is third in the ratings, compared to Fox News, which is first. 

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