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Head of Teacher's Union Had Embarrassing Series of Tweets on Ukraine

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), is often tweeting some pretty hot takes, only to then restrict replies for virtually all of her posts, which has certainly drawn the ire and attention of education and parents' rights activists. Weingarten has had a particularly eyebrow-raising week, though, when it comes to since-deleted tweets about Ukraine that she sent out or appeared in.


Our friends at Twitchy highlighted how both AFL-CIO and its affiliate of AFT tweeted since-deleted pictures of members holding up signs that said "WE STAND WITH UKRAINE" with a barbed wire and dove representing peace, though the flag's colors were in the wrong order, with yellow on top. The AFL-CIO logo is conveniently located in the lower right hand of the sign. 

In one tweet, Weingarten is posing with AFT Executive Vice President Evelyn DeJesus.

Republican operative Matt Whitlock has screenshots of the AFL-CIO tweets, including those with clearly photoshopped signs to show the correct flag. 

While the tweets were deleted, the replies remain when it comes to the second-largest teachers union in the country not knowing flags of the world, including a country they're advertising their support for.


Not only was the flag upside, though, as Weingarten acknowledged, she spelled Ukraine wrong, instead spelling it "Ukriane."

Weingarten's profile picture on Twitter currently reads "I Stand With UKRAINE." This time, at least, the colors of the Ukrainian flag are in the right order. 

Weingarten and the AFT haven't harmed students merely by a lack of basic elements like flags of the world and spelling, though. They've been in support of Critical Race Theory (CRT) to the point of lashing out against lawmakers who wish to protect students from such racist lesson plans, opposed to states passing laws to protect minors from so-called transgender "care," and kept students from being able to return full-time to the classrooms, citing the pandemic, while also insisting on mask mandates when they did return.  

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