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Hillary Clinton's Response on Durham Report? Blame Fox News

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Hillary Clinton addressed the investigation from Special Counsel John Durham in her keynote speech at the 2022 New York State Democratic Convention, sort of. In doing so, though, Clinton dismissed the probe as being part of "conspiracy theories" about her. She also warned the audience, "We can't get distracted by the latest culture war nonsense or a new right-wing lie on Fox or Facebook," as Timothy H.J. Nerozzi covered for Fox News. 


A subsequent Fox News report noted that Clinton ignored the question when asked by Fox News Digital, "Why did you call the Durham filing a fake scandal, Secretary Clinton? Why was it a fake scandal?" Instead, she quickly exited the stage. 

Clinton, as Leah covered earlier on Thursday, had also blamed Fox News and former President Donald Trump in a tweet from Wednesday, dismissing it as them "desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones. So it's a day that ends in Y."

Last weekend, as Matt highlighted, the Durham probe revealed that Clinton's campaign attorneys paid a tech firm to "infiltrate" servers in Trump Tower and the Trump White House, in order to tie him to the Russia-collusion theory. 

Such bombshell revelations have led Trump and others to point out that the former president was correct about him being spied on, including while he was still in the White House. 

The news has also brought back an old campaign slogan of "Lock Her Up," which greeted Clinton as she showed up for the speech. 

To Clinton's point, though, these latest findings from the Durham investigation have received scant attention from the mainstream media. For all of the obsessive Russia-collusion coverage from networks like CNN and MSNBC, they couldn't be bothered to cover any of these updates that so directly shattered their narrative, for more than a couple of minutes in CNN's case, while MSNBC didn't cover at all.


Spencer has highlighted examples from the mainstream media, such as The New York Times, as well as those who claimed that "there was no spying." 

NewsBusters also highlighted the mainstream media hypocrisy on full display. 

Several articles from NewsBusters have also highlighted how subsequent coverage from the media has been from the perspective of siding with Clinton, and to similarly dismiss concerns as the subject of conspiracy theories. 

Polling shows that it's not merely conservatives and Republicans who are concerned with these revelations, though, and thus want to hear more. As Paul Sperry reported for The New York Post on Sunday, a survey conducted last month of 1,308 Americans from the TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics in New Jersey found that nearly three-fourths of respondents want to see Clinton investigated. 

From Sperry's report: 

Nearly three out of four of those polled who are following the story said they think it’s important prosecutors investigate Clinton for her role in the Russiagate scandal along with her top campaign advisers.

That includes two-thirds — or 66 percent — of the Democrats polled who said they have been keeping up with the case.

That’s up 20 points from this past October, when TIPP asked the same question of a national panel, and indicates the Durham probe may be turning Democratic opinion regarding Clinton and the controversy.

Meanwhile, 91 percent of Republicans in the same group and 65 percent of Independents also called for Clinton to specifically be investigated.


Such dismissiveness is consistent for Clinton and her ilk. As Katie reported earlier on Thursday, attorneys for Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman filed a motion to dismiss the case against him in the Durham investigation. 

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