This Sloppy Pro-Biden 'Brandon' Ad is So Bad, It's Hard to Tell Who It's Supporting

Posted: Jan 22, 2022 6:30 PM
This Sloppy Pro-Biden 'Brandon' Ad is So Bad, It's Hard to Tell Who It's Supporting

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

MeidasTouch prides itself on being about as anti-Trump and anti-GOP as one can get, or, as they put it, "pro-democracy." Their reach is pretty far, considering that they boast over 723,000 followers on Twitter. They've also taken to supporting President Joe Biden and the Democrats. For instance, they've tweeted in favor of Democrats maintaining control of Congress following the 2022 midterms, and jumped on the bandwagon of warning that Americans could be living under "a far right authoritarian government" otherwise. Their posts are sensational and full of hysteria, but now that they've gotten into the pro-Biden territory, they're noteworthy in other ways, which is to say how bad they are.

Recall how the Left and their allies in the mainstream media have lamented the very existence of "Let's Go Brandon," with NBC even referring to it last month as "a right-wing slur." MeidasTouch, however, has decided to use their phrase to their advantage, at least they tried to. 

In what journalist and actor Ben Dreyfuss is calling "the worst ad I've ever seen in my entire life," the dizzying television ad uses the acronym of Brandon to spell out some of President Joe Biden's so-called successes. It's the worst of the worst kind of remixes that nobody asked for. Mercifully, it's only about 30 seconds long. "LET'S GO BRANDON" randomly flashes on the screen throughout. 

These "successes" include:

  • B: Broadband lines
  • R: Roads, railroads
  • A: Airports, freight rail
  • N: No lead pipes
  • D: Deliver clean energy
  • O: Our Jobs, jobs, jobs
  • N: Network of charging stations

With the exceptions of jobs, most of these rather random accomplishments have to do with infrastructure. Biden and the White House have incessantly touted the passage of the infrastructure package, which was signed into law in November, after it had passed weeks before. Despite what Democrats may have hoped for, Biden did not see a bump in the polls though following its passage. 

And, as much as Democrats want to tout jobs, polls still don't indicate that the American people are giving the president much credit. 

Dreyfuss took particular issue with the "O."

A RealClearPolitics (RCP) average of polls from December 11-January 18 shows Biden with a 39 percent approval rating on the economy, and a 56 percent disapproval on the issue. 

Further, while there is optimism when it comes to the unemployment rates, month after month has brought disappointing job number reports, to put it politely.

The ad is considered so poor, in fact, that some people tweeted they weren't sure if it was pro- or anti-Biden. 

MeidasTouch gleefully announced over Twitter on Friday that Fox News has accepted their ad to air on "Fox & Friends Weekend." The organization had previously tried to get Fox to accept other ads, including those with footage from January 6.