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AP Photo/Ron Harris

When it comes to network ratings last month, FOX News Channel (FNC) didn't just come out on top, but CNN and MSNBC fared particularly poorly. Curtis Houck with NewsBusters highlighted the ratings of the three networks. 


Last month, CNN had its worst month in weekday primetime total viewers since June 2019. A press release from the network was still able to brag at least though that they outperformed MSNBC. 

While the press release from CNN also bragged about the network performing well with the key demographic of viewers 25-54 years old, the top 5 best performing shows in the demo were on FNC. 

As a press release from FNC also noted, the network "beat CNN by more than 200 percent in primetime with total viewers and more than 100 percent in primetime with A25-54. In total day, CNN again plummeted by 39 percent in overall viewers and saw 47 percent declines in the younger 25-54 demo."

The last time MSNBC fared this poorly with the key demographic of viewers 25-54 years old, was December 2015. The network also performed the worst it has since 2017.

All of the top 5 shows were on FNC. "The Rachel Maddow Show" slipped from third place and fell to sixth, which was still the most popular show not on FNC. The most popular show from CNN didn't come until "Cuomo Primetime," in the 22nd place. In fact, 94 of the top 100 shows were all on FNC.


"Gutfeld!," which first aired in April, was not only in the top 10, but, performed particularly well in the demo and even dethroned CBS' "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" when it comes to total viewers and with the demo. A press release from FNC also noted how the show "surpass[ed] every CNN program in total viewers for the month" and "crushed its timeslot competitors."

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