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The President May Have Actually Fallen Asleep While Meeting with Another World Leader

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

This past week was quite likely the worst week for President Joe Biden. However seriously one may have taken points that he isn't doing too well mentally speaking, you really have to wonder after these past few days. One example of how much Biden is really a mess is a video of him appearing to be asleep, dozing off maybe, or at least very much out of it while meeting for the first time with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of Israel. 

Tammy Bruce pointed out that the prime minister seems to have even noticed, given that he looks at Biden as he's speaking, and then directs his gaze elsewhere. It would make sense if the person he's talking to isn't fully conscious or paying attention. 

One user points to another video showing a few seconds afterwards, claiming that he "doesn't look so sleepy" because he "immediately responds." Except that when Biden speaks, it appears as if he's been stirring and sounds exactly like he has just had to jolt himself awake.

Israel is an ally of ours, one of the greatest. It's terrible to insult an ally in such a way. Could you imagine if Biden appeared to be so out of it while meeting with someone not so friendly, like Russia, or China? North Korea or Iran? I don't want to.

Meanwhile, when then President Donald Trump met with Israeli's then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it was also with Arab states. Trump had done what would have once been unthinkable, in that he established peace deals and normalized relations for Israel and many of its neighbors. 

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