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Poll: A Record Low Number of Americans Believe the Country Is on a Good Track

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Amid the multiple, unavoidable crises created under the watch of President Joe Biden and his administration, Americans are increasingly losing faith in the president's ability to lead. Multiple polls conducted after the disastrous withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan show that a record-low percentage of Americans approve of the direction in which the country is headed.

A new Monmouth poll shows that Biden's approval rating is on the decline, sitting at 46 percent, and only 29 percent of respondents believe that the country is on a good track. Via Monmouth:

Biden currently holds a job rating of 46% approve and 46% disapprove. His approval number has declined since April (54%). This drop has happened among all partisan groups. The president gets a positive rating from 86% of Democrats (95% in April), 40% of independents (47% in April), and 5% of Republicans (11% in April).

The percentage of Americans who say the country is headed in the right direction (29%) versus the wrong track (65%) has become more negative since July (38% right direction to 56% wrong track). The right direction rating hit an eight-year high in April (46%), but has declined since then. The current reading is similar to the results for this metric just after the November election (26% right direction and 68% wrong track).

The same poll also found that Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the botched withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan.


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