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Republicans Speak Out After Reports Biden Will Lift Sanctions on the Taliban

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

The Biden administration is reportedly preparing to support the lift of the United Nations sanctions on the Taliban, which would be a step toward recognizing the terrorist group as a legitimate government. Republican lawmakers are urging the administration to maintain sanctions on the Taliban.


“We are writing to express our deep concern about reports that the Biden administration is considering supporting the lifting of United Nations sanctions on the Taliban. Just weeks prior to the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the United States completed our ill-advised withdrawal and the Taliban violently retook control of Afghanistan,” 21 GOP lawmakers wrote to UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield. “Questionable and consequential decisions by the White House, State Department, and others have put us in the horrific position we are in now – where the Taliban holds the power and our citizens are at their mercy. The Biden Administration has maintained that the Taliban desires international legitimacy and financing. That legitimacy and funding must be denied while American citizens, Afghan partners, and others remain behind enemy lines, while the Taliban continues to maintain ties to al Qaeda and harbors terrorists that seek to harm Americans and our allies, and while the Taliban refuses to respect and protect the rights of all Afghan citizens. The travel ban, asset freezes, and arms embargoes imposed by these sanctions are critical to that effort.” 


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