Senate Republicans to Biden: Use 'All Means Necessary' to Bring Americans Home

Posted: Aug 20, 2021 4:15 PM
Senate Republicans to Biden: Use 'All Means Necessary' to Bring Americans Home

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Joe Biden and his administration are currently overseeing a crisis of massive proportions in Afghanistan after the president completely botched the withdrawal of military forces and left Americans and our allies stranded. The president has been largely missing-in-action on the situation, and a group of Senate Republicans is urging Biden to use "all means necessary" to bring Americans home.

"From the very beginning, when you announced the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, Members of Congress – along with your top military advisors – advised you that a complete, unconditional U.S. withdrawal would be catastrophic. Now, we have seen what we predicted come to pass. The situation in Afghanistan has gone from bad to worse in a matter of weeks, and we are facing the worst-case scenario – a total Taliban takeover in Afghanistan," 16 Senate Republicans wrote in a letter to Biden. "It is our understanding the Taliban has established a barricade around the airport, making it extremely dangerous for many to try and make their way to the airport. It is unacceptable that there is currently no plan or process to safely and securely recover these individuals. We urge you to use whatever means necessary to provide safe and secure passageway through any Taliban barriers for all American citizens and all eligible Afghan partners to appropriate evacuation points and then move them via safe corridors to exit the country."

Meanwhile, Biden will not answer questions on why he continues to place trust in the Taliban and instead blame the Afghan people.

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