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GOP Gets a Big Win in Dem-Held Seat in Connecticut

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Republicans flipped a state legislature seat in Connecticut on Tuesday night, in a huge victory in a district President Joe Biden won by over 25 percent in the 2020 election. Republican Ryan Fazio decisively defeated Democrat Alex Gevanter in the state’s 36th Senate District and ended the state Senate’s Democratic supermajority.


Earlier this year, Republicans also held a battleground state House seat in Connecticut. Fazio's victory represents Americans' unfavorable view of the the Biden administration's policies, the Republican National Committee (RNC) said.

“Republicans coalesced in support of State Senator-elect Ryan Fazio and brought a sweeping victory in Connecticut," RNC spokesperson Rachel Lee said. "Fazio’s monumental win crushed Connecticut Democrats’ hopes to tread water in the midst of a failing presidency and Ned Lamont’s far-left agenda."

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) also celebrated Fazio's victory and voters' rejection of Democrats' "radical tax and spend" agenda.


The next major electoral test for the Biden administration and Democrats is November's gubernatorial election in Virginia.

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