Ted Cruz Urges President Trump to Send Iran Deal and Paris Agreement to Senate Before Biden Takes Office

Posted: Dec 22, 2020 12:45 PM
Ted Cruz Urges President Trump to Send Iran Deal and Paris Agreement to Senate Before Biden Takes Office

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is currently urging President Trump to submit two controversial deals, the Iran Nuclear Deal and the Paris Climate Accord, to the Senate for approval; the president pulled the United States out of both deals that were implemented under the Obama administration. Cruz told the outgoing president and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that both deals will inevitably fail in the Senate, RealClearPolitics reported first.

Cruz noted that the Obama administration side-stepped the Senate’s constitutional duty to give advice and consent on treaties, implementing both deals that held “sweeping scope and immense implications” unilaterally.

“Multiple previous administrations, however, have undermined the Senate’s constitutional role by negotiating significant international agreements, and then refusing to submit them to the Senate for its advice and consent...President Obama refused to submit either the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the ‘Iran Deal’) or the United Nations Paris Climate Agreement (the ‘Paris Agreement) to the Senate as a treaty,” Cruz wrote to Trump and Pompeo. “These agreements should have been submitted as treaties given their sweeping scope and immense implications for American foreign and domestic policy.”

He went on to applaud Trump’s exit from both deals, and encouraged the administration to “remedy the harm” done in the Obama administration by sending the treaties to the Senate.

“Your administration has rightly changed course as a matter of substantive policy by withdrawing from both the Iran Deal and Paris Agreement. This was a great accomplishment for the American people. I urge you now also to remedy the harm done to the balance of power by submitting the Iran Deal and the Paris Agreement to the Senate as treaties. Only by so doing will the Senate be able to satisfy its constitutional role to provide advice and consent in the event any future administration attempts to revive these dangerous deals.”

President-elect Joe Biden indicated that he would reenter the United States into both deals.